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We are committed to contributing unique mental health expertise to support the success and personal well-being of 911 telecommunicators through transformative continuing education experiences. 
We've served thousands of 911 Professionals and we're hoping for the privilege of serving you too!

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....If you are a 911 director or CTO with the responsibility for selecting the highest caliber training to equip your telecommunicators for peak performance and job satisfaction at the console...
...If you 911 telecommunicator who 
wants to manage the most critical calls with confidence, promote healthier relationships in your center, and protect your own mental health and Quality of Life. 
Setting the Standard of Excellence
The 911 Training institute and it's director Jim Marshall specialize in designing and delivering curriculum for on topics that require trustworthy expertise in mental health. We offer two categories of continuing education:   1) Courses to protect the well-being of the 911 professionals (911Pros) through resilience training and education on stress-related risks, and by optimizing 911 Peer Support; and 2) Courses to foster mastery in dispatching and call-taking related to complex psychological issues: Suicide Intervention; calls involving Serious Mental Illness, and Domestic Violence.   

Jim Marshall, MA carefully designs his each curriculum and classroom experience by applying his expertise in psychology to the specific call-taking and radio tasks faced by 911Pros, and with attunement to their unique 911 stressors. The result is a full menu of one-of-a-kind courses preferred by 911 frontliners and their leaders throughout the country. These courses engage telecommunicators in active learning of the highest caliber. You can read reviews here now, then click the Our Alumni Speak Up tab for more. To learn more about Jim's background, read on...
Qualified to Serve You! As a Certified EMDR Therapist (M.A., Clinical Psychology), Jim draws on 25 years of experience in the treatment of trauma, stress reduction, and complex relationship problems. He is quick to acknowledge that he has never sat the console and considers himself a life-long student of 911 (his first teacher being his sister Deborah Achtenberg, ENP). The credential he most highly values is not on his resume': it is the repeated affirmation from telecommunicators that "You really get us".
                                                                                                                                                   Each year Jim is entrusted by more of our nation's 911 leaders to come along side them to equip and provide support for their PSAP personnel. T
hroughout Jim's career he has presented as a mental health subject matter expert at the local, national and international levels and conducted more than 28,000 hours of psychotherapy. Since 2010, he has devoted his career to applying his clinical expertise exclusively to 911 health and peak performance. To read more, click here.  

The result is good news for you:
with over 4,000 911 professionals participating in Jim's presentations and courses, the message is resoundingly clear: emergency telecommunications experts greatly appreciate Jim's down to earth style of teaching, the unusual depth of knowledge he brings to psychologically complex topics, and the career and life-shaping tools they take back to their centers and their families. 

And there's more good news: hosting agencies receive c
omplementary seats...  To learn about hosting options and benefits click here... 

We hope you'll take a few minutes now to familiarize yourself with the rest of our website. You can contact us at: info@911training.net, explore hosting by calling Institute Training Manager Deborah Gagnon at 231.622.1600, or call Jim directly to discuss your PSAP's training needs, the substance of his courses, and his work in the 911 community @ 231.881.1434.Thanks again!

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